Fra vårt allerede legendariske X-kull: Xantippe og Mr. X. Sistnevne kan smykke seg som Scandinavian Winner.

NO*Grensedalen Tulla Talullah Tiara

World Winner NO*Grensedalen Fearless. Say no more...

NO*Grensedalen Lady Di

NO*Grensedalen YoYo                                   NO*Grensedalen Candy

NO*Grensedalen Zoto, from a Zuperb litter...

 NO*Grensedalen Raven, a beautiful princesse.                     

NO*Grensedalen Zizzi JW, 10th BIS from Grensedalen.

Cat of the year 2019, youngsters.

NO*Grensedalen Unique, first Grensedalen BOB 1 and National Winner. Cat of the Year 2019, females.

NO*Grensedalen Kark: Amazing colour and pattern on this brave viking. He also has a clean genealogy.

           Goldie                                      Goliat                                          Beauty

All 3 have done well in shows, and have all lost a final by a separate judge. We love the combination of a heavy look with the golden colour and green eyes.

Orion, son of Goldie. A look well worth strive for.  Izabella, the quite rare light golden colour.

Lion, with green eyes and a heavy look. Warm, brown colour and lovely matching white paws makes an attractive combination. Always a favorite in our cattery.

Wanda and Fearless. Archtype siberians. Perhaps our most sought for look. The sometimes “dull” colour needs a realy perfect cat to stand out at shows.

Yoko Ono Junior Winner. Every judge loves a “flashy” cat. A real piece of art. The “modern” colour combined with old lines have made us a striking cat.